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3 Photography Exhibitions You Should Check Out Right Now

We’re always excited at the start of a new year to find out what’s going to be going on in terms of art and culture over the next 12 months – and it certainly seems as though 2019 is out to impress us, particularly where photography is concerned.

If you love nothing more than packing your troubles up in your vintage camera bags and heading out and about to take snapshots of the lives around you, then here are some photography exhibitions going on this year that might capture your imagination. Enjoy!

Black London life

Somerset House

Pictures taken by Michael Robert Clarke, who ran a sound system in south London, were recently discovered, showing what life was like for black people in the capital during the 70s and 80s. The photos lay tucked away until his family found 450 negatives after he died back in 2014, according to the London Evening Standard. It’ll be running from June 12th to September 8th.

Don McCullin

Tate Britain

This exhibition features some of the most impactful photos taken in the last 60 years, including many of McCullin’s iconic war photographs from Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Syria. It also includes work he did here in England, recording scenes of working class life and poverty in the East End of London. It’s on between February 5th and May 6th.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Natural History Museum, London

This exhibition is running until June 30th so you’ve still got plenty of time to check out some of the most amazing photographs of nature, animal behaviour and diversity of life.