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5 Essential Items To Have In Your Camera Bag

We might not be going anywhere at the moment, with the country in its third national lockdown, but one day we will be able to roam free again, and the photographers among us will already be planning their next adventure. It’s a good time to make a review of your photography equipment, replace any worn and suspect memory cards and make sure everything is working correctly.

Many photographers will be itching to get out and explore the great outdoors again, whether indulging in street photography or polishing up their landscape photography skills. But aside from the cameras, lenses, and lens cloths and cleaning kits, what are the other essentials you should keep in your camera bag?

1. Multi-Tool

Whether it’s a tripod plate that stuck fast onto the bottom of your camera or a tripod that needs tightening, a multitool is a must-have, mainly for the reasons you can’t think of.

2. Plastic Bags

After being stuck indoors for a year, going back outside sounds like a fine plan. But this is the UK, and we know what the weather can be like. A simple plastic bag can help protect your kit in the event of a sudden downpour.

3. Portable Power Packs

Everything seems to need battery power these days, and can usually be charged via a USB socket. Whether it’s your camera, smartphone, or even your smartwatch, suddenly finding your battery at 1 per cent can ruin a whole day’s plans. Pack a decent sized power pack, and make sure it is charged before your shoot.


4. Notebook and pen

A pen and notebook are ideal for making notes or sketches, and the act of writing something down will likely help you remember it better than typing it into your notes app. An added benefit is that neither item needs charging up should you be without power.


5. A £20 note

£20 is enough to help in most situations, from a taxi should you find yourself stranded to emergency provisions if payment by card is not available.

A little preparation ahead of time will make sure that your next camera adventure goes without a hitch! If you’re looking to buy hipster camera bags, then visit our online store today.