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Are You A Briefcase, Bumbag Or Backpack Man?

There is a point at which we men simply cannot fit any more into our pockets, and we realise that we do need to carry a bag! But the word ‘manbag’ does invite some ridicule, but it’s only out of envy and not worth worrying about.

There are some bags that every man should own, and men should certainly not be worried about using a tote bag, or even a bumbag as even Matthew McConaughey recently said: “I’m not afraid of the fanny pack.”

So here are the top five essential manbags.


The bumbag

The humble bumbag, or as our American cousins call it, the ‘fanny pack’, has been embraced by Hollywood recently, whether it’s McConaughey attending a baseball game sporting one, claiming “You gotta kind of put it on the side to make it look a little not as nerdy, but still, practicality wins out. I got so much gear in here that I don’t want in my pockets.”


The backpack

Sticking with Hollywood links, the backpack has it’s own defender of style in Ryan Gosling, who is often pictured out with his large, strappy khaki backpack. It’s quite a rugged, outdoorsy look, stemming from the first bags made by men to go hunting with, made out of animal hides.

But there are certainly more cosmopolitan, metropolitan designs available too, for looking sharp on your commute into the city. Either way, unless you’re a schoolboy, always wear both straps of your backpack!


The briefcase

Backpacks, and especially bumbags, don’t scream ‘professionalism’, so if you’re after a serious grownup accessory, then you need a smart leather briefcase. It might only be carrying your sandwiches, but you can pretend you're in a movie transporting large amounts of cash or top secret information!


The satchel

A good satchel can be as professional as a briefcase. Once associated with schoolchildren, today they are thought of as a practical, everyday bag for adults - especially if that adult likes to pretend he’s Indiana Jones, and you’re chasing down ancient treasures!.


The holdall

At its most practical, a holdall is a large bag with two handles, perfect for a weekend away or for ferrying your sports kit around. At its most chic, however, it’s an oversized and very expensive man’s handbag as favoured by Kanye and Pharrell.

What style suits you best? If you want to buy vintage and hipster backpacks, visit our store today!