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Capture The Best Of Spring In Your Photos

The progression from winter to spring is one of the most amazing changes seen in nature, with flowers bursting into life, trees blossoming, and the dark clouds opening up to bright sunshine and blue skies. Catching these magnificent moments on camera, however, is not easy, which is why these tips on how to improve your spring photography could be useful.


  • Adjust white balance

Spring is all about bright colours, so to make sure you capture the shades just how they look, it is important to check your white balance settings first, according to Bob Books.

Failing to do this could result in colours “looking more green, blue or orange than they do in reality”.

It is also a good idea to use a polarising filter, so the striking shades stand out in the pictures. It also prevents unwanted glare and reflections, and boosts contrast and saturation. Therefore, the difference between colours will be more vibrant, helping the image come to life.


  • Don’t be afraid of sun flare

Sun flare is typically a big ‘no’ in photography. However, when it comes to springtime pictures, it can add some soul and mood to your images, so don’t be afraid of it.

Digital Photo Mentor suggests ways to intentionally create sun flare in photos, including positioning the camera so the sun is behind an item, focussing on darker objects in the frame, and using a small aperture.

The publication says adding a sun flare to these pictures “can help make [them] feel light, airy and bright – like spring”.


  • Pick the essence of spring

There are so many moments and objects that really symbolise springtime, from insects pollinating and flowers blooming to strong rain showers and fresh, misty mornings. The season lends itself effortlessly to beautiful photos, so make sure you choose your object well and really focus on it, blurring out the background by using a wider aperture.

Bring your equipment everywhere with you in a vintage camera bag, as you never know when you’ll next encounter a beautiful spring scene.