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Fighting Mice Photograph Wins People’s Choice Award!

Looking for a bit of inspiration to really boost your photography game this year? Make sure you take a look at the picture that’s just been named as the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People’s Choice award… two hungry little mice fighting over a crumb on a London Underground platform.

According to the BBC, the snap was taken by Sam Rowley who found the scurrying black mice that can be spotted on the London Underground so fascinating that he spent a week on the tube trying to get the perfect picture… and we can all agree that he succeeded in his endeavours!

He had this to say about his achievement: “I usually take a burst of photos and I got lucky with this shot, but then I had spent five days lying on a platform so it was probably going to happen at some point.”

The mice in question had apparently been foraging on their own until they came across the same tasty morsel of food, arguing over it for a second before moving on with their lives and going their separate ways.

Persistence, it seems, is key when it comes to getting the perfect shot so if you are feeling a little downhearted about your own photography output at the moment, try to be as patient as you can… you’ll get the perfect picture eventually!

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