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Four Menswear Items To Pull Off The Vintage Look

The vintage look is really getting into its style stride this year as a fashion statement for both men and women. It’s a versatile look that allows you to mix and match old and new pieces in your wardrobe, and even draw on different eras within the same outfit. The result will be a look that is uniquely your own, and reflects your personality.

Vintage is of course backward looking in its evocation of times past, but it is also in tune with the sustainability ethos of modern times. Recycling or upcycling existing items of clothing and accessories puts less pressure on the earth’s natural resources, and reduces transportation and manufacturing costs. Here are a few retro style ideas for men.

Vintage satchels

For retro fans who want to mix new items with old, it is best to buy quality handcrafted goods that are made to last, such as waxed canvas bags. A well made satchel, backpack, or holdall can last you for decades, as well as having that classic look that will never go out of style. 


This particular fabric was once the preserve of geography teachers or hardcore 90s indie kids. However, in 2023, when preppy and nerdy is the new cool, it is a much more mainstream look. It’s a hardwearing and versatile fabric that will go with anything, and a pair of corduroy trousers are a great solution to that eternal smart casual dress code dilemma. 

If you are really dedicated, you could even work the double corduroy look with a smart jacket and a silk shirt.

Bowling shirts

The bowling shirt has been the surprise hit of the past few years. The 70s retro classic has gradually made its way from the catwalks of Milan and London to the high street, and it’s possible to pick up some vintage examples as well. 

The sleek short sleeved shirt with an open collar looks great with bold patterns and colours, and also works well with a simple stripe. It can be dressed up with smart shoes and tailored trousers, or dressed down with jeans. 

The trench coat

The trench is another classic item that never really went out of style. Both functional and on-trend, it’s a masculine look that will take you through from winter to summer. The longer cut is flattering to figures of all shapes and sizes, elongating the frame and squaring the shoulders. 

For a twist on the  cotton gabardine fabric, look for vintage leather trench coats in tan or dark brown. Colours for more traditional style trenches tend to be on the conservative side, favouring taupe, grey, or camel. These coats are perfect to throw over your work suit for a city commute. 

For a more informal weekend look, men’s trenches are available in more offbeat colours, such as burgundy, bottle green, or even mustard. There are also softer and more fluid fabrics for a lighter and sportier twist on the classic trench coat.