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How To Care For Waxed Canvas Goods

Waxed canvas is a fantastic, durable and versatile material that can be used for all kinds of goods and products. Weatherproof and long-lasting, it is a robust choice for battling the elements, while remaining cool and stylish. 

Over time, waxed canvas develops a weathered and broken-in look, taking all the folds and creases it collects and creating impressions that just adds to the charm of the material. It will last you a lifetime if looked after correctly. 

Just like any other material, you may need to wash your canvas products every now and then, but you must take care of waxed products as they can be easily ruined if not properly maintained. 

Be sure you never use hot water when washing waxed canvas, as it can break down the protective coating on the material which can lead to your waxed canvas bag or jacket deteriorating quicker. 

Avoid using harsh detergents and soaps when treating waxed canvas, as this too can damage the coating. Abrasive cleaning products can remove the coating, leaving the bare material exposed. 

You may also decide to spot clean your products instead of taking the whole thing for a dip. This can help minimise the area of the product that is exposed to cleaning and means only the parts that are really grubby get the soap and sponge treatment. 

In order to maintain the quality of your coated canvas, you can reapply the protective wax every couple of years. This helps in replenishing any that has been lost through wear and tear and cleaning. 

Owning products that are durable and long-lasting is a great way to combat fast fashion and invest in meaningful pieces that you can love for a long time, but you must look after them or you will find they do not hold up for as long.