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How To Care For Your Leather Bag

Any item made from natural leather will age with time. Just like our skin, it needs moisturising and care to ensure it is kept in tip-top condition throughout the years. But even with immaculate care, you cannot avoid leather ageing. But a well looked after and gorgeously aged leather bag will look just as beautiful, if not more so, than a new one.

A quality leather bag, whether a weekend-away holdall, business satchel, or hipster camera bag makes an ideal Christmas gift for any man. But to ensure that it lasts a lifetime, we have a look at some tips for caring for your leather bag.

When leather ages, the effect is called a patina, which is typically a desired and admired effect, and almost impossible to achieve without submitting it to the natural wear and tear it will be exposed to through everyday use. The natural ageing process adds character to a bag.

Over time, the leather material of your bag loses its oils and moisture, which leads to the leather drying out, potentially causing it to crack.

However, this is easy to avoid with some basic care tips. As mentioned, just like your skin, your leather bag will need daily moisturising to help protect it. For day-to-day maintenance, a dab of sunflower oil on a dry clean sponge or cloth rubbed all over the leather will help re-oil the material.

Always ensure you spot test before you apply any product on the leather. Apply a small amount to an area that is not generally visible, and leave it for 24 hours to check whether it affects the leather. If you’re content with the results, then continue to apply to the rest of the bag.

If you are applying a waterproofing product, then its strongly recommended that you first use a care product to help lock in moisture and to keep the fibres of the skin supple before making it waterproof. Only apply the waterproof to areas that will be exposed to moisture.

To avoid scratches, keep your bag away from sharp objects, and pay attention to where you put your back. If you use your bag every day, then scratches are inevitable, but with some care and attention, you can minimise them and treat them.


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