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Leeds Photographer Captures Pandemic Life

The pandemic will certainly go down in history, which is why one photographer set about capturing people’s lives for generations to remember forever.

Jude Vidal decided to snap 12 people living and working around Leeds over the last six months for this historic project.

The photojournalist, together with Leeds City Council and local businesses Walker Morris, BJSS and Rushbond, wanted to detail what it has been like for so many during periods of isolation.

She entitled the exhibition ‘19cm’, referring to the amount Jude’s daughter had grown during the 18 months she was unable to see her grandma, the Yorkshire Evening Post revealed.  

Speaking with the publication, the photographer said: “This project has been challenging work, emotional work. The ebb and flow of people’s lives as they navigate the pandemic has been intense at times. But I feel I am documenting history, our human history, and as a photojournalist it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Jude, who also picked a long-serving intensive care nurse, a barber who retrained as an electrician to make money, a chef, a dancer, a refuse collector, and a local TV producer who has suffered with long covid since March 2020, said this project “will resonate with all of us”.

The 19cm exhibition will be displayed at the First White Cloth Hall in Leeds between November 3rd and 5th before, hopefully, being moved to other venues around the city.

Leeds City Council’s executive member for economy, culture and sport Jonathon Pryor said this display of photos was a reminder to “never forget the sacrifices that were made or the compassion that was shown” by people over the last 18 months.

This exhibition is just one example of the amazing impact photography can have on our lives. If you fancy yourself a bit of a snapper, get yourself a hipster camera bag today.