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The Essential Must-Have For Every Man

For any modern man, a good bag, whether holdall or backpack, is a non-negotiable must-have. There is a good chance you’re dreaming about our next holiday on our commute to the daily grind, or scraping to find time for a workout in your so-full-it-could burst calendar.

But beneath that train of thought is something that might have gone unnoticed is that all of these activities require the use of a well-designed and functional bag, especially for the fashion forward-thinking man.

In recent years it was unavoidable to ignore the presence of the cross-body bag in men’s fashion, but for the modern, flexible man, something more well-rounded and functional is needed to comfortably stow away all your essentials without having your carefully considered style taking a hit.

Modern crafted fine leather and waxed canvas bags are an ideal investment for any man. Whether it’s a weekend away approaching soon, a new boss to impress, or a tough gym workout to complete before getting to the real work, there’s a bag to suit every man.

Raise your game at the gym with a gorgeous leather and canvas holdall to convey all your kit, while looking sharp and meaning business on your way in and out, while a leather messenger bag or backpack will have you looking the business as you walk into that important meeting.

The creative hipster urbanite wouldn’t be complete without a stylish waxed canvas camera bag to carry the essential camera kit, notebooks. Or maybe a backpack to carry your craft ale.

Whatever your purpose and use, a quality bag can measure the make of a man. Visit us for hipster vintage messenger bags today.