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Tips For Shooting Street Photography In The Rain

Street photography on a rainy day can produce some stunning images, but it can also pose serval challenges for photographers.

Street photography can be a hugely rewarding medium to partake in, but the British weather can be less than ideal when wanting to get shooting while out and about. However, street photography in the rain need not be a daunting task. We have a look at some tips to help you produce some stunning rain-drenched urban landscapes.


1. Weather-Proof Your Gear

You do not want to get soaked while out, so wear a rain jacket, hat, and water-resistant shoes, as well as carry an umbrella. But you also need to protect your gear from the elements too.

Whether your camera is weather-sealed or not, a waterproof case or housing is a good idea, and even a Ziplock bag with a hole for the lens to poke through will help keep your kit dry. A good camera bag to keep everything secure and dry is essential.


2. Shoot One-Handed

Shooting street photography one-handed will have advantages in the rain, as it will provide flexibility, and allow you to hold an umbrella while composing and taking the shot.


3. Use Flash for Close-Up Subjects

Using flash in the rain can add drama to shots. If you get close to your subject, using flash will help create a separation from the background, particularly if it is heavily raining, as the flash will illuminate the subjects face, as well as falling raindrops.


4. Only Carry One Camera and One Lens

Carrying multiple cameras and lenses in the rain could be difficult, as you do not want to get any moisture inside your camera when changing lenses, or be fumbling in your camera bag during a downpour. Having just one camera body and one lens will better keep your kit dry during rainy street 
photography, as well as force you to think about your shots differently.

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