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Tips To Care For A Waxed Canvas Apron

A wax canvas apron is a must-have item for anyone who needs a tough and durable layer to protect themselves and their clothes as they work. They are the epitome of a practical yet stylish item, finished with attention to detail, such as high-quality leather trimmings and pockets and tool holders. Here are some tips to help keep your apron in great condition.

Wax canvas is in fact a low maintenance fabric, and is designed to be tough and durable, so there’s no need to worry about spending a long time on the upkeep of your apron. Like many other things in life, a little goes a long way! There are some basic points to bear in mind to get the longest lifespan from your apron (indeed it should last you for decades).

If the apron is heavily soiled, brush off the dirt with a soft brush once it has fully dried out. If any stains remain, first try removing them by dabbing with a soft damp cloth. If stubborn marks persist and you really cannot live with them, apply some very mild detergent that is designed for use on waxed canvas.

However, never put the apron in the washing machine, even on a cool gentle setting, or have it dry-cleaned, as this will destroy the waterproof finish of the canvas. Many people accept that their apron is a work tool that is bound to acquire that ‘well used’ feel over time.

After several years of use, you may notice that the protective wax coating is wearing a little thin. In this case, re-waxing the affected areas will help to restore it to previous working order. Use a wax recommended by the manufacturer, and follow the instructions so that the wax is distributed evenly over the canvas. Your apron will then be as good as new!


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