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Top Tips For Better iPhone Photography

The iPhone, or any other recent smartphone, is a fantastic device for photography. It has excellent hardware, smart software, and it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

As with every camera, there are limitations, and while some can be solved by packing your camera bag with a range of iPhone photography gadgets, many of the limitations can be worked around by being smart with your snapping. We have some top tips to help improve your iPhone photography.


1. Experiment with third-party apps

If you’re not rushing to fire off some quick shots, then it is worth downloading and exploring some of the fantastic third-party manual camera apps. These will provide you with extra control over shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure, which means that you can often snap a photo with much more clarity than you would be able to from the default camera application.


2. Follow the rule of thirds

Using the grid option on your iPhone will help you line up and frame photographs so that they follow the rule of thirds.


 3. Turn off your flash

While the flash function on smartphones has improved, at the end of the day it is just an LED light and can cast unwanted shadows and hues. Turn off the flash and try shooting using as much natural or ambient light as you have at your disposal, for much more natural-looking photos.


4. Use Burst mode for action shots

Whether it’s sports photography or trying to capture kids or pets, burst mode is the best option to get the best action images. You can get a quick burst of images in quick succession, meaning you are more likely to get the action shot you wanted.


5. Snap photos with the volume button


Because the iPhone is so thin, tapping the digital shutter button can cause camera shake and blur the photo you're trying to take. Instead, you can use the volume up button when in the Camera app to snap a photo — and avoid camera shake entirely.

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