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Top Tips On Saving Money When Travelling

You’re young, free, and want to explore the world, but there’s one problem – travelling costs quite a lot of money. That’s why you might want to read these tips on how to spend less when heading abroad, so your cash can stretch even further.


  • ‘Hidden City’ Travel

This is a tip that avid travellers keep up their sleeves, particularly as more airlines are trying to cut down on it. But if you’re savvy, you can take advantage of ‘hidden city travel’, saving you thousands of pounds on your trip.

It simply involves buying a flight to a cheap destination that is routed through a more popular, more expensive city, and then getting off before the journey has finished.

This works as long as you bring hand language and don’t need to retrieve your bags from the cabin, so make sure you pack your clothes in a handy luxury leather backpack to benefit from this hack.


  • Book accommodation direct

Price comparison sites are incredibly useful to help you compare the best deals for the location and dates you are travelling. However, in order to save even more money, it is worth getting in touch with the hotel directly, as they may charge less because they do not have to pay commission to the site.


  • Be flexible

If you don’t have any constrictions about where, when and what you book, it can pay to be as flexible as possible when arranging a holiday. Travelling at antisocial hours, making a stop-over, or taking a flight mid-week and during term-time can save you hundreds of pounds.