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What’s In Your Bucket List?

It is a phrase which is familiar to most of us nowadays, but the Bucket List is the epitome of all the things we want to do before we ‘tap out’.

What that looks like for most people is that it’s probably a list of things we still haven’t done yet and that isn't quite the point of them is it? We're supposed to be actively doing something about all the things on our list if we are doing that thing called ‘living’ as opposed to simply ‘existing’.

It's been refreshing to see over the last few years a real trend of people making far more of an effort to live in a way that is far more deliberate. You know - actually doing things, really being there, abandoning the screens and getting out there.

Memories don't happen when we're not pushing ourselves or trying something new.

Memories are when something y’know - memorable - happens.

So we thought it would be a great reminder now we're halfway through the year for you to look at what you've ticked off so far this year that you had planned to? Is your Bucket List Pen all dusty? Are there tumbleweeds making their way over your list?

How about you take some time this month to look at what you would like to do this year? It doesn't even have to be something huge like visit Niagara Falls, for instance.

It can be simply to get and see somewhere beautiful in your locality. Maybe try a new activity that still not been inquired about even though you wanted to do that last year?

Let's set you a little challenge, shall we?

The clocks change in the middle of this month. What will you have done between now and then towards ticking off one of your bucket list specials? You don't have to have actually done it. But maybe just making a phone call to book something will give you that little surge of happy chemicals to make you smile and remind you that life is for living so that’s what you are going to do!

Here’s a great blog of someone living for their Bucket List. Feel free to let us know what you're up to too people!

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