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What To Carry In Your Backpack This Spring

The spring weather might have been somewhat capricious so far, ranging from summery sunshine to snow on the hills, but as the days get longer and the northern hemisphere continues its welcome tilt towards the sun, better days are surely coming.

Add to that the new freedoms as we come out of lockdown, and there is no doubt there will be increased opportunities for getting out and about.

Of course, the chance to sit in a beer garden on a sunny afternoon sounds like some people’s idea of heaven in itself. For others however, a bit of a longer walk is in order.

All that means hipster backpacks are definitely the order of the day. A classy leather item will not just look good, but help you to easily store everything you need for a nice day out.

The key question is: What should you carry in your backpack?

Answering that depends what exactly you plan to do, but for a lengthy walk the first thing you need is some provisions, so take a bottle of water or other drink and some snacks, which should be high energy. While you might happen upon a drinks van or food store on your walk, it’s better if you can roam somewhere lush and green far from the busy high street shops.

Another thing to carry is sun cream in case it starts to turn unusually hot, especially if you are very pale-skinned. Other medications you might need would include Paracetamol, antihistamines if you are prone to hayfever and, of course, hand sanitiser to keep the Covid germs at bay.

It is also worth taking a first aid kit if you are venturing a long way from civilisation, as well as a map to ensure you can navigate, unless it’s somewhere you know very well.

Finally, carry waterproofs for wet weather and an extra layer of clothing in case the weather turns colder, as it usually will quite swiftly once evening arrives.

All that should fit snugly in your backpack, ensuring you look great and are well equipped for every eventuality.