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Will You Join ‘Timid Travellers’ Heading Abroad This year?

Travel has been hugely impacted by Covid over the last couple of years, with many people having put their adventure plans on hold while the world gets to grips with different restrictions and outbreaks. However, as we near the second anniversary of the onset of coronavirus, more and more people are choosing to push past their concerns about international travel and head abroad. The question is: will you be one of them?

While flights have been taking off for months now, according to data from the Office for National Statistics, passenger numbers fell by 76 per cent last summer compared with pre-pandemic figures. Just 6.1 million people jetted abroad during the holiday peak, proving just how much the pandemic has affected the industry.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) hospitality and leisure lead David Trunkfield told TTG that while confident travellers have taken to the skies for a while, timid holidaymakers will make a return to the airports this year.

Those who are worried about quarantining, cancelling trips, getting Covid, having to test or isolate before a holiday to avoid disruptions could combat their fears once and for all.

Mr Trunkfield noted this is the result of governments easing restrictions on travel. He also suggested travel companies help to build consumer confidence, such as by discussing flexibility on refunds and rebooking.

“Once you get people over the hump of their first trip, our research suggests they’ll be much keener to go on their next trip,” the expert stated, suggesting once travellers are no longer timid, the holiday market might return to normal.

Of course, not everyone has let the pandemic ruin their travel plans and half of Brits say they ‘live for holidays’.

According to a Medicspot survey, reported in the Mirror, 33 per cent say they only put up with a stressful job to travel and 67 per cent say a trip is something to look forward to.

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