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5 Top Tips For Fisheye Photography

If you want to look at the world from a fresh perspective in 2021, what about doing so through a fisheye lens, a great way to start taking more unique, creative and interesting photographs.

Fisheyes have a giant depth of field, so try getting down low to the ground and snap a few shots of your subject to see how they come out. You get some really interesting low angles by doing this, angles you would struggle to achieve with a typical lens.

Also think about your composition, as the lens will make anything that’s not in its centre slightly distorted. Put your subjects in the middle of the shot so they stay looking just as they should be… unless, of course, distortion is what you’re after!

If it is, try putting the camera on its side or tilting it up and down to create some intriguing new perspectives on your favourite places about town.

Make sure you head inside with your fisheye, as well, since these lenses are also perfect for capturing stunning architectural interiors, as they’re able to cover the entire space. You could discover a whole new side to where you live!

And finally, because fisheyes will generally curve straight lines so they’re great to use when photographing round shapes. Keep an eye out anywhere in your local area that features lots of curved infrastructure and architecture, and see how it comes out using a fisheye.

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