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6 Items Every Man Should Carry In His Bag

While it’s less likely that we are getting stuck in traffic jams, crowded trains, or caught in the rain waiting for a bus on our way home from work, surely every man still has a reliable work bag containing the essentials.

It might have been it was just a means to carry your lunch to work, or you’ve got your camera, wallet, laptop or tablet and smartphone tucked away, you’ll maybe need a beard comb to straighten out your face fuzz from wearing your COVID mandated face mask.

We have 6 items that every man should pop in their hipster messenger bags.


  1. A good, cheap pair of headphones

You can certainly opt for a pair go high-end Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones, but just for those occasions when you’ve left them charging at home, a cheap pair of in-ear ‘phones will prove invaluable.


  1. A USB charging cable for your phone

You’ll be thankful you have a charging cable for your phone (or headphones, as above) when the battery suddenly hots 10 per cent. Add a portable rechargeable battery power pack too.


  1. A plain, neutral-coloured umbrella (preferably black)

It’s August! Which means you should be prepared for every type of weather the British summer can throw at you. A sturdy compact umbrella is a must-have.


  1. A reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottles are a cheaper and greener alternative to disposable plastic ones.


  1. A pack of pocket tissues

Tissues are just plain convenient to have on you — never more so than when you feel a sneeze coming on, even when there isn’t a global pandemic.


  1. Breath mints

If you need coffee to get the day started, it can leave your breath not quite so fresh. Mints are the best fix when you’re away from your toothbrush.

You might already be fully equipped, but if you need to upgrade your bag, then visit our store to buy hipster messenger bags in the UK today.