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Budding Photographers Enter National Geographic’s Competition

The 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest is closing its world-famous competition on May 31st, which means there are just few weeks left for aspiring photographers to enter and show off their camera skills. 

Perhaps the most famous photography contest in the world, the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest began taking submissions on March 18th, and since then some incredible snaps have been entered. 

These include a supercell thunderstorm in Kansas by Rob Darby; two polar bear cubs playing in the snow in Kaktovik, Alaska, by Michelle Theall; two Maasai tribe men in Kenya taking a selfie on a smartphone before a safari; and the ‘Firefall’ natural phenomenon in Yosemite National Park when the Horestail Falls glows orange due to the colour of the sunlight reflecting off the water.

One of the most poignant entries so far is Florent Serfati’s image of the fire that burnt through Notre-Dame Cathedral on April 15th.

Many of us like to think we’re pros behind the lens, but only tend to share our snaps on social media. However, there is one great reason to extend the reach and enter the competition – namely, the huge winning prize of $7,500 (£5,797). 

The contest, which is split into the three categories nature, cities and people, is open to both up-and-coming and already established photographers, so amateur snappers should not be deterred. 

In addition to the main award, there are first prizes in each category, with winners of these receiving $2,500. 

If this has inspired you to take some great photos on your holiday, make sure to pack a leather camera bag, so you can have your SLR with you at all times in case you see something worth taking a photo of.