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Gift Ideas for That Hipster Girlfriend

To be honest, us hipster men are not that difficult to buy for. Combs and brushes and oils for our luxurious beards, craft beers, vinyl records, bow ties and plaid shirts, or a vintage messenger bag. But what about the ladies in our lives?

If she steals your favourite lumberjack shirt, listens to obscure indie bands, and plays the ukulele, then you’re dating a hipster girl. She’s always going to appreciate something you’ve spent time seeking out in a charity shop, and DIY and sustainable, eco-responsible gifts will go down well. There’s always a need for further inspiration, so here’s some ideas.

A true hipster girl will love craft beer, and probably more than you do She’s the one ordering the complicated sounding rare porter, while you just fancy a simple lager. There are so many craft beer gift sets, and subscription services available. And surely she’ll let you have a bottle or two!

There’s a very good chance that the ultra cool girl in your life is either a vegan, or likes to dabble with vegan culinary skills. There are now so many vegan cook books available, but for extra points, cook her a delicious vegan meal yourself. Don’t worry, you can treat yourself to a tasty burger another day!

Without a doubt, she has a denim jacket covered in pins and patches. There are all kinds of cool hipster pins with llamas and avocados featured. They’re fun, and she will love pinning her unique tastes and styles to her jacket or backpack. Patches from her favourite band, and silly quotes on pins make excellent stocking fillers.

She might also have had her eye on your very own hipster camera bag or messenger bag. Visit our shop today for that extra special gift.