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How to Care For a Waxed Canvas Bag

Waxed canvas is a practical and hardwearing fabric that also adds a cool hipster vibe to an outfit. It is low maintenance, and even everyday wear and tear will blend in and help create that authentic vintage feel. However, a little TLC every now and then may be required for a heavily used bag or backpack.  Here’s a few tips.

The canvas material is saturated with wax, which provides a water-resistant layer and some level of stain protection. Should your waxed canvas acquire a stubborn stain, spot cleaning only is recommended. Lightly brush away any dried dirt first. Use a damp cloth, and if necessary, a small amount of mild soap and cold water. Rinse and leave to dry naturally.

Please don’t be tempted to put your beautiful waxed canvas in the washing machine, as it will never be the same again! Warm or hot water and detergents will break down the wax coating and destroy its water resistance.  It will also seriously compromise that cool hipster bag character!

If you have a very stubborn stain, you can remove it with careful use of a hairdryer.  Hover the dryer a few inches above the canvas, but make sure you don’t linger too long on any particular area.  As the wax warms up, you will be able to gently rub with your finger to redistribute it and blend out marks.

If your waxed canvas bag has been used a great deal and looks more ‘tired’ than ‘vintage’, you can re-wax it, either yourself or through a professional service. Make sure you use an approved brand of wax and follow the instructions carefully.

The great thing about a waxed canvas bag or backpack is that they really don’t like much cleaning! Like a fine wine, they gain character over time, so you can get on with your life, knowing your product is tough enough to last for years to come.