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How To Prep Your Motorcycle For Spring

Spring is an exciting time for those who love the freedom of riding on two wheels, and many bikers will be thinking about getting their pride and joy out of its winter storage and prepare it for spring to get back on the road again.

The warmer weather and the gradual easing of the lockdown will have many bikers eager to get back on the road. With the British National Motorcycle Museum set to reopen soon, we wanted to have a look at some essential tasks to ensure your motorbike is fit for use this year.



If you have stored your bike away for the winter, then hopefully you will have drained the fuel, and added stabiliser liquid, and you should have little to worry about.

If fuel is left in the tank, it can degrade, meaning its combustible properties will have evaporated, the fuel will have oxidised, and condensation will form, meaning the first startup after winter will force useless fuel through the system, clogging it up and causing damage.


Oil and Oil Filter

If you hadn’t done previously, then now is the time to change your oil and oil filter. Like fuel, the oil can oxidise and degrade over time, and temperature changes can lead to condensation, changing your oil to sludge.


Other Fluids

While fuel and oil are the most obvious, it would be wise to do a full fluid replacement of your brake fluid and engine coolant, which can also degrade over the winter months.



Unless you hooked up your battery to a trickle charger over the winter, you may want to look at buying a new battery for your motorcycle to avoid any delays to getting out on the road.



You should always, whatever time of year, ensure that your tyres are properly inflated. They will lose pressure if left sitting for long periods, and may even have developed flat spots. It’s best to check these things now before you’re hurtling down a country road in the sunshine.

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