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How To Stand Out On A Summer Holiday

After weeks of the government advising everyone not to book a summer holiday just yet, the roadmap out of lockdown announced by Boris Johnson has given everyone hope that things could be almost back to normal come June 21st.

That, of course, is Midsummer’s Day and while there will be those who fancy spending that date marking the summer solstice by cavorting around Stonehenge, for many the prospect of summer will simply get people thinking of a chance to roam freely across England’s green, pleasant and highly-vaccinated land.

But if the opening up of hotels and hostels, pubs and holiday facilities is a joyful though, any self-respecting hipster will want to stand out from the crowd.

That is where hipster backpacks come in. A stylish waxed leather backpack will offer plenty of volume, comfort and a classy feel. The zips, buckles and tanned appearance will be a throwback to a far-off time when all backpacks were like that.

Nowadays, things have changed a lot. In summer after summer the countryside is filled with walkers in all manner of varicoloured backpacks, each of which might use all sorts of modern materials that are supposedly weather proof, but, like almost anything, will still fail the ultimate acid test of a Lake District downpour.

The same is true of so many other items, from clothing to walking boots. You can have your fabric boots and your fancy coats that can be seen from the other side of the valley, but when it comes to looking good and stylish at the end of the day when you settle down by a camp fire or relax in the pub, there is no question about who will look best.

After all, if you’re a well-groomed man your classy backpack will probably have a lot more in it to keep you looking good than a map, compass and sandwiches.