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It’s All About The Day Trip

Okay, summer hasn’t quite panned out as any of us hoped. If you thought August was going to be a merry-go-round of festivals and holidays in outrageously Instagrammable just-on-the-right-side-of-ironic Hawaiian shirts, think again.

Yup, you know it; the pandemic has shaken up all our summer plans. No big group gatherings and no jetting off somewhere hot, so we need to find new ways to live it up while we’re locked down. And that means this year, it’s all about the day trip…

That might mean staying on UK soil with a long laidback staycation—but it might also mean just taking a train (wearing masks, please) into the countryside one day and getting away from all the city noise.

Or if you’re craving that city chaos and socialising (at a safe distance, please), it could mean just hitting your local beer garden with your mates, or a hot new bar to sip cocktails on a date like the undeniable a suave gent that you are.

But just because you’re staying closer to home—maybe even still working from home—doesn’t mean you don’t want to look dapper when you’re getting out and about (yes, we said ‘dapper’). Wherever you’re going, you need a bag that says you take pride in your appearance.

Wax canvas bags for hiking up a hilltop, hipster backpacks for your laptop on the daily commute, vintage camera bags for your city exploring—we’ve got you covered.

Check out our full collection of beautiful high-quality leather and canvas bags and give us a shout to find out more today.