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Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Thinking of something to get your girlfriend or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Most of us used up all our ideas at Christmas, so trying to come up with another present can prove difficult to say the least, especially if you want to avoid the typical cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts on offer.

Here are a few stylish ideas to spoil your partner with this February 14th.


- Leather wallet or purse

Wallets or purses are always a good choice, and a stylish leather one will go down particularly well if they have had their current one for a long time or it is starting to fall apart.

Put a passport-sized photo of the two of you together inside for a romantic Valentine’s Day touch.

For leather wallets, purses or even hipster backpacks in the UK, take a look at our selection.


- Moleskin journals

Whether your partner loves to make to-do lists, write a journal, is a budding songwriter or poet, or simply scribbles lots of notes at work, a moleskin journal is a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs to jot stuff down.

Grab a good-quality pen to give with it and leave a special note on the first page so they can think of you every time they open it.


- Experience day

If you and your loved one are not keen on presents, why not give them the gift of a special day out? There are so many options available these days – from a romantic spa experience or vineyard tour to zorbing or even axe-throwing for more daring couples.

Show you have really thought of your partner by finding something that really matches their interests.