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Protecting Your Leather Goods From The Sun

Leather is an amazing material which can be used to make many different items from leather canvas bags and satchels to boots to jackets.

The versatility of the material makes it a popular choice for people wanting durable, long-lasting items but it does require care and maintenance to stay in the best condition.

Daily use of your leather goods can cause wear and tear over time. Usually, this can be maintained by conditioning the leather, keeping it clean and dry and protecting it against the sun which can cause it to dry out and crack.

Avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is the best way to prevent sun damage to your leather items. As with many natural materials, the sun can cause the leather to discolour and fade over time, as well as drying it out and causing it to crack or split.

Storing your leather away from direct sunlight and ensuring you wax or polish it when it is going to be out and about in the sun for a long time is a good way to prevent these issues.

Dust bags are a great alternative if you have nowhere dark and away from sunshine to store your items as they provide a layer of protection between your leather goods and the sun.

You can also purchase leather conditioners which have UV protection which can help to minimise discolouration and fading of the leather by blocking UV rays from damaging the material.

It is not only the sun which can damage leather but extreme heat as well. High temperatures can accelerate the rate at which leather dried out and can cause cracking and other damage.

One way to avoid this is by keeping your leather items away from extremely hot surfaces or areas such as leaving them in a car on a hot day or near a fireplace.