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Quarter Of Brits Have Started Christmas Shopping

There might still be three months to wait until Christmas Day, but this has not put off millions of Brits who have already started their festive shopping.

In fact, there might be more organised shoppers than you think, with as much as 24 per cent of Brits having picked up a few purchases for the festive season already. This equates to a massive 13 million of us!

The American Express research revealed one of the main reasons why people are beginning to get their Christmas purchases so far in advance is to avoid spending lots of cash close to December 25th, with 43 per cent citing this as their excuse.

More than half (51 per cent) said they have started shopping so they can pick up presents as and when they see them, while 41 per cent simply shop throughout the year when they see bargains they can’t resist.

However, some people are clearly just excited to be nearing the festive period, as a whopping five million have already handed their Christmas lists to friends and family, despite Halloween still being more than a month away.

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It might even encourage you to embark on a travelling expedition in 2021, with The Handbook recently recommending Denmark’s Copenhagen, Hungary’s Budapest, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands as three very hipster European cities to visit.