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Stunning Places And Where To Find Them - Botswana

Last year the revelations in travel news were of the negative impacts which mass tourism has inflicted on some of our beloved destinations such as Barcelona, Venice, and Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

So it’s no surprise that the more conscientious amongst us are looking for more intimate and immersive travel experiences.  We want to get away from the crowds and into untouched natural environments and indigenous cultural communities. Without the footprint of course.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to some of the delights of Botswana.

Firmly on the ecotourism radar, Botswana is one of the world’s hottest up-and-coming destinations - mainly due to its forward-thinking approach to conservation. 

Located in Africa it’s a fantastically cool place to go conservation wise, but it’s definitely not a temperate destination with over 70% of it being covered in desert - you can read more about it’s geography here.

What we love is that for over 50 years now, the country has prioritised the protection of wildlife.  In 1963 the Batawana people established the Moremi Nature Reserve due to their lands being threatened by poaching and cattle farms. Commercial hunting was banned there in 2014 and it’s refreshing to see their anti-poaching laws are VERY strictly enforced alongside a significant amount of the wildlife management being handled by local communities. Looks like the tourism actually reaches the locals here.

The result? Botswana is just full of amazing attractions for animal lovers.

Activities such as canoe trips exploring the Okavango Delta, 120,000+ elephants to mingle with in the Chobe National Park or having a traditional Big 5 safari experience at Moremi will create memories to last a lifetime.

We think one’s a firm favourite for the Bucket List List, don’t you?

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