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The 3 Items Every Photographer Needs At Least Two Of

Technology is great, and the advances in camera and video equipment mean we can capture shots we never could before, and the equipment we use can be very reliable. Until it suddenly isn’t, and it’s typically at the worst moment. When something fails to work as it should, you can be left feeling unprepared and stressed.

One of the aspects of being a photographer is the kit. Building up your camera bag over the years with camera bodies, lenses, flashguns, tripods, filters, and the list goes on and on. Secondhand kit can help reduce the costs, and although there are some bits of equipment you should never buy secondhand, there are some items that you should always ensure you have more than one.

Thankfully, these items can be found relatively inexpensively, either online or at your local camera shop. Here are the three things no photographer should be without.


  1. Memory cards

Even if you’re lucky enough never to have a memory card fail or get corrupted, many photographers will know the feeling of dread of arriving at a shoot to realise there is no card in the camera. While memory cards are easy to come by, it’s wise to ensure you have several spare cards in your camera bag.

Pro tip: Always use your camera for formatting your memory cards, not your computer.


  1. Camera batteries

There will be a time when you have a sudden urge to get out and get snapping, but is your camera battery charged? While it might not be completely devoid of charge, you do not want it to die on you just as you line up the perfect shot. Keep spare batteries in your bag, and routinely make sure they are all fully charged and ready to go.


  1. Backup hard drives

Backup hard drives are the most expensive items on this list, but the peace of mind and the security of your data you have is priceless. Hard drive data recovery can be expensive, so make sure you have multiple backup drives and archives to keep your photos safe. Replace your hard drives every 18 months to ensure they are always working correctly.

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