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Time To Go Backpacking Again?

Now that the pandemic has eased, many people will be changing their ideas for a summer holiday. Getting around the world is suddenly a lot easier and a lot of trips that might have been planned for 2020 will be back on again.

At the same time, the fact that people have had to look more at UK options over the past two years means they might have discovered more exciting possibilities closer to home, with some of these remaining unexplored.

Either way, this summer could be a great time to invest in hipster backpacks, ready to go on an adventure near or far.

Some of the best options overseas could include Australia and New Zealand, which have had some of the tightest border controls, keeping Covid rates down but being particularly hard to reach, unless one fancied an expensive and mind-numbing fortnight in hotel quarantine.

The state of Western Australia even sealed itself off from the rest of the country, although it has now opened its borders. It’s worth noting, however, that some restrictions are in place, a throwback to some of the things we have had to put up with in Britain.

However, if you don’t fancy a trip down under, this may be a great year for some more domestic exploration.

Long distance walkers may want to consider the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail, for instance, as this year marks the 1900th anniversary of the Roman Emperor’s order to start building the great barrier across the northern frontier of the empire.

Alternatively, for an anniversary that actually falls within some people’s lifetimes, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Pembroke Coast and North York Moors National Parks, providing a great reason to enjoy a fine area of Welsh coastline or a grand upland area.

Whatever you do, having a great new backpack will ensure you can walk in comfort while well equipped for each day’s adventures.