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Use Daily Commute ‘To Invest In Yourself’

While most of us dread the long commute to work, squished against people on public transport and breathing in fumes as we rush through crowds to get through the office door on time, perhaps we are viewing this time all wrong.

Instead of considering our travel to and from work – which typically takes more than an hour every day – as a chore, we should value it as important ‘me time’.

This advice comes from an unlikely source, with Miles Ravenhill, director at Lloyds Bank, appreciating daily commutes are not exactly what most of us look forward to in the morning.

Of course, this is hardly surprising as one in five of us say commutes have become less reliable over the last five years and a third think they are getting more crowded.

Apparently, its latest research found that we ‘waste’ ten days, or 251 hours, just getting to and from work a year, amounting to a massive 492 days over the course of our working lives!

This news alone could drive many of us to despair, which is why Mr Ravenhill is trying to change our attitude by saying: “While many may dream of rolling out of bed and straight into the office, the daily commute is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself, whether that’s keeping up with the latest news, unwinding to a podcast or relaxing to some music.”

Indeed, once we are in the office or have returned home, being able to do those things can often become impossible, so our commutes – which are a necessary evil anyway – could be valuable time to ourselves. 

One of the best ways to make the trip even more pleasant is to dress in things we find comfortable and that represent our style and personality. Wax canvas bags tick all the boxes as perfect commuting accessories, as you can fit everything you need – from your phone and tablet to books and snacks – to ensure you have everything you want on your long trip home.