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Visa-Free Travel Confirmed For Brits Post-Brexit

It’s hard to escape from Brexit these days and even if you’ve been planning to jet off somewhere exciting with your hipster messenger bags in tow, if you were heading to the continent you may have been concerned about the visa situation.

The EU has, thankfully, provided some clarity on that issue this week. The EU parliament has voted to continue providing visa-free travel for Brits following Brexit, even if there’s a no-deal.

That will come as a relief to any of the holidaymakers who were intending to be overseas in Europe when the second deadline for leaving the EU rolled around in April. Of course, there may well be a further extension to Article 50, only time will tell.

However, there is a catch in that this will only continue as long as the UK returns the favour, and offers visa-free travel to nationals from all member states.

Chief executive of ABTA - The Travel Association Mark Tanzer said that this is an important decision, and one that’s welcome after the confirmation recently that flights to and from the EU will continue unimpeded should a no-deal scenario occur.

“This means that two of the most important concerns for UK tourists and business travellers visiting the EU have been addressed and will provide a further boost to confidence about travel to the EU after Brexit,” he stated. 

We know that many people have been holding off on making travel plans until they find out what’s happening with Brexit, but with these assurances in place it might be time to grab a last-minute bargain.

Last month a number of newspapers reported that package holidays in Europe were up for grabs at incredibly low prices this Easter, because so many people have put their travel plans on hold to see what happens with Brexit.