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What Photography Equipment Do I Need As A Beginner?

Documenting the world around you is a wonderfully creative pursuit and if you’ve been taking lots of photos on your smartphone over the last few months, you may already be thinking that you’d like to take it a bit more seriously.

But what equipment do you need as a beginner photographer? Aside from the obvious camera of your choice, there are a few essentials that you might like to make sure you have close to hand so you’re able to get the shots you want sooner rather than later.

A tripod is one particularly necessary bit of kit so if you’re wondering where to spend your money first, this would be a great choice. This can help you with all sorts of different shots and in a huge variety of different environments, but they work particularly well in low light settings, as you can take longer exposures thanks to the stability provided by the tripod.

Something else you’re sure to find quite useful is a remote shutter release, as this allows you to take photos without having to touch your camera, so you won’t get any blurry shots.

A camera strap is also a must and make sure you shell out for a good quality one, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping and your expensive camera hitting the dirt.

And make sure you invest in a good quality leather canvas bag or similar, so you have something hardwearing and durable to help keep your equipment safe. Check out what we’ve got in stock in our online shop.