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Where Are The Most Hipster Cities In Europe?

If you’re looking for some new places to explore with your hipster messenger bags, you’ll be in good company if you head to any of the European cities named among the most hipster on the continent.

A recent post for The Handbook picked out some of the top places to explore if you’re looking for a quirky, fun and, well, hipster getaway. For all that people can poke fun at hipsters, the news provider noted that they certainly know how to find the off-beat and out of the way places to visit.

So, here are their top tips for a fun city getaway, hipster style. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amsterdam in the Netherlands is at the top of the list. Its history and architecture, combined with its quirky attractions like the red light district and cafes selling pot, make it the perfect destination for this crowd.

Copenhagen in Denmark also makes the list, with the publication noting that its seaside location means it has a lot to offer, including beaches alongside its stunning architecture. It also lays claim to the world’s oldest fairground. This attraction dates back to 1583, which we reckon is worth seeing on its own.

Hungary’s Budapest is also on the list. As well as being an incredibly beautiful city, it is known for having an incredible nightlife. Dance the night away in one of its clubs and explore the delightful street cafes by day - what’s not to love?

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