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Where Did The Legacy Of ‘You’ Start?

When you run a business selling products of the calibre that we do - where we have considered every single material and process - it goes without saying that this attracts a certain type of person. You can't provide the level of quality which we do on an absolute shoestring and we make no apology for this.

We know that our customers love our products - there is thought and consideration in every single stitch. As corny as it sounds our vintage backpacks and hipster messenger bags are not just a product - they are part of an ethos, a way of being, a process.

Everything in life starts from an idea - a thought. The idea behind our products wasn't just a “Hey, I need a bag, I'll just throw one together”. It's all been born out of love and passion and we like to think that's what permeates through everything that we do.

And no - none of this is a ‘pitch’ by the way, that really isn't our style.

It's an invitation for you to see what the products of your own passions are.

In a world where we are now being encouraged to consider the impact of our decisions, it's a nice opportunity to reflect on the legacy you'll leave as a result of furnishing this beautiful planet with your amazing presence.

Some of you will instantly jump to what you want to be known for once you are no longer mortal.

What is it that people notice about you when you have been around them?

Probably your amazing hipster backpacks if we've done our job properly - they'll all be clambering over it at your wake...

We jest!

But there is a kind of strong message here isn't there. If we sleep walk through our lives we leave quite a hazy, subtle impression once we've gone. Living very deliberately with clarity, knowing your decisions and choices have an impact leaves a much clearer memory - a bigger imprint on life.

We’re not trying to be morbid between this post and the bucket list one. But when you realise that you're not going to be around forever, it can sometimes be a powerful kick to get up and do those things you want to.

If you have children, what is the message you are leaving for them? What activities or habits are you encouraging which will carry on for generations after you have gone?

Maybe you've introduced your child to passion already - show them music and they may be moved to produce their own - passing that on to other people over the years with their beautiful creations. Maybe you're an artist? A photographer? A storyteller? Who encouraged that and where did it come from?

If we don’t explore ourselves we risk never know what truly matters to us - don’t let your dreams diminish - let them live on. Look at the artwork around us, the architecture, the music, the books - they are all the beauty escaping from real live people.

Here is a lovely story about a young girl from Dorset, who is campaigning for a statue to be built of her very own hero. Who are the hero’s of your memories?