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Why Shooting On 35mm Will Never Go Out Of Style

There is something so nostalgic and meaningful about physical photographs. In the digital age, film photography seems to be a dying practice, yet 35mm film continues to captivate photographers around the world.

While the average person now uses their smartphone as a do-all device for everything from navigation to videography, nothing can quite beat taking a roll of film to be developed, receiving your photographs back and looking back over the memories you have captured.

The aesthetic of film photography is something which can’t quite be captured by digital devices. The lens flares, subtle grain of the film and tone of the photos is entirely unique and this is one of the main reasons why film will never go out of style, even if its popularity dwindles.

Another reason why it will always be revered is because there is excitement in the unknown. Physical film cannot be reviewed as digital shots can and therefore every photo must count.

You never know how your photographs will turn out until they are developed and sitting in front of you. Many enjoy the authenticity and element of surprise this brings, not knowing whether the photos will turn out great or not.

There’s also a limit on film. Rolls of film can be expensive and there are only so many exposures per roll, so capturing the right moment and savouring those minimal shots is a must.

This can help people to enjoy their experience more and spend more time capturing meaningful photographs instead of clicking away and getting hundreds of digital shots until they get one which is just right.

35mm is timeless and authentic, allowing professional photographers and everyday people alike to capture their memories beautifully, without worrying too much about perfection and having a physical copy of their photographs to keep and cherish.


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